Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have received many suggestion for improve the app.
I would like to inform you about the news in the next version.
In the application will be possible manage the categories and will be editable.
I'm testing the app for the compatibility with the iPod Touch.
I will try to change the icons whit better images (I have read your review Squiggle_838 from UK) and hope that the look and feel of the app will be better.
I don't know the time of release but I'm working to end as soon as possible.
Thanks for your suggestions.


JazJon said...

Hello, I just started trying out HandyCookBook. (nice work so far) It’s not 100% what I’m looking for though and I have a feature request. Can you make it so my recipes are synced to a website? I’d like to be able to know my recipes are synced to a web site so I can easily add/update/access them and not always have to use my iphone as the main storage location. The feature you added to use a web browser to enter recipes is a good start. I’m just afraid that I might lose my recipes some day. (I’m a jailbreak guy) I’d also like to whip out my laptop to use recipes as well. Maybe you could make it so I can at least view my recipes on my iphone via web? Maybe you could also offer a database export so I could backup the recipes myself too? (and then you wouldn’t need a web server/site)

Jérôme said...

I'm pretty much interrested by your app for my iPhone, but I live in France and I speak French. 
Will you release a real french version of Handy cook book with french words everywhere? 
If not, and if you would like to but are not able to, I'd be glad to do it for you. 
I already did the french translation of Carcare, iXpenseit, iStorage and Files and of Keywords assistant and keyword Manager for iPhoto, and I'm about to do it for Pennies, Pinguin Timer, My Eyes Only and Trapster (iPhone app). 
I am able to translate your entire web site too.My rates depend of the lenght of your text and are pretty low.
If you are interrested, please send me the sentences (with screen capture eventually) (Localizable.strings, excell/numbers table or simple text?) 
Could you then send me an Adhoc version for testing? I'd be glad to do that work. 

Waiting for your news
Best Regards 
Jérôme Chion
Pierre-Bénite - France

max said...

La prochaine version sera traduite en français.

Anonymous said...

Love the app, just started using it. Everything looks perfect. Been looking for a cookbook for the iPhone. Mostly you see recipe apps at the AppStore, barely any cookbooks like yours were you can add your own. Is it possible to add a backup? I would hate to add the recipes over again. Especially if you have more then 100+ recipes added.

Keep up the good work.

max said...

Hi, I'm thinking about a backup functionality but for now it's best practice to backup the iphone using iTunes for don't lose the data. This is valid for all the apps.
See the link

vwminer said...

I am not able to connect via a web browser. The app shows a valid IP address, but the browser errors out with "server not responding".
Any suggestons?

max said...
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Bella36 said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for! I can enter all my recipes and look at them whenever I want to. Thanks so much for this great app! Would love the ability to import a picture!

Bella36 said...

Just worked out you save pics ... fantastic!

Is it possible to add different categories?

Bella36 said...

Hmmm the more I play the more I work out that I can do everything I want it to do!


Budz said...

Hi... nice app.

I have a feature request...

I would be great if recipes could belong to more than one category.

Robert (Tasmania)

Christy West said...

Love this app! It is exactly what I was looking for. I'd just like to add another vote for being able to modify or add categories. Thank you for making an app that allows adding recipes via computer with full keyboard! :-)

EBL said...

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! Only wish that the shoppinglist had editable categories, sort by aisle, so I can speed through the grocery store in no time. A secondary shopping list would be nice too, for stuff that comes up, then merge them together before shopping. Then a third list with repeated items. :)