Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why so long time for release 1.6?

The long time is due a optimization for manage a very large database.
I'm current testing the App with a database of more than 18000 recipes.
Thank's for your patience.


Mrs. Peaches said...

I think I love this app, but after my initial entering and syncing of a recipe on-line I have only been able to connect to the on-line site once, and that very briefly. Any suggestions?

max said...

the connection are directly from your PC to the iPhone.
All the recipe data are stored in Your iPhone and not need a internet connection.
Perhaps your problem is due to the PC - iPhone WiFi connection or a browser version.
If you use Internet Explorer under windows or Vista you can try to use instead Mozilla Firefox.
Try also to turn off the firewall in your PC (if is enabled).

John said...

Mr. Mazzi-Max, I just tried your program and congratulate you. It is beautiful and intelligent. I have a few suggestions for you: While the five-star system is fine (and fairly universal), I am unlikely to keep a recipe rated one star in my collection. Better for me would be "to try" "good" and "favorite." Of course I use the stars that way (one, three or five) for myself, but maybe some users would appreciate little words under the stars...Also, the stars take up a lot of room and the recipe title is rather small. Can these two items change places? The optional font for the title is not the clearest with those white edges; the reason to choose the option is clarity. How about a field for notes? You have done a marvelous job. Please see my comments as an encouragement. And Thank You, from Gianni

John said...

I've worked out a few things that might be helpful to share: Wanted to copy a bunch of recipes from Mastercook to Handy CookBook. It wasn't transparent, but it works once you know the system. Carefully select recipes (an entire cookbook if you wish, just press control all when the recipes appear in Mastercook) and export them as a SINGLE FILE to your desktop. Make sure you export them as .mxp which is not the newest type of Mastercook export in version 9. Submit the file to your ipod touch and they will appear in your "imported recipes" file. THEN CHANGE THE COOKBOOK TITLE FROM IMPORTED RECIPES TO WHATEVER YOU WANT -- CHANGE IMAGE IF YOU WISH AS WELL -- then all your recipes will stay together in a new file and the "import recipe" file will be empty and ready for next import to your iphone. If you don't change the name of the file, new download will be ADDED to the old download and you will have to sort the recipes into other files one by one. Hope this helps. If you've found a better solution, I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks. John

Anonymous said...

The computers at my school do not allow access to IP addresses. Is there another way to enter recipes?

Maggie said...

Dear Max, is it possible to add some extra categories such as "Salad", "Soup", "Poultry", "Appetizer" ? I now store each and every of such recipes under "Main dish" and "Side dish". I'm afraid later when my recipes grow, I'll loose overview in where to look.

Much appreciated if you would consider this suggestion and include them in new releases to come. Thank You!


max said...

Hi everyone,
for mr.karl: I have also read your review in the US iTunes store and I'm very regret about your problem (seems a Firewall limitation).
Try this:
- in the iPhone retrieve the iPhone name: press Settings->General->About
- at the top of the screen You can read the iPhone name (something like i.e. 'iPhone of karl' is the same that you read in iTunes when the iPhone are connected)
- when you enable in the App the web interface try to tape instead of address the iPhone name i.e.:


the rules are:
.) insert a - instead of space if you have in the iPhone name
..) attach .local:8080 at the end

I hope this works.

for John: thanks for your aid and your suggestion.

for Maggie: you can edit, add or delete the categories tapping the button 'Edit' at the right top of the main screen.

mtnmuse said...

Just got the application, so maybe I am just not finding some things yet. Is there a way to get the import feature to import the category instead of dumping everything into an import list? If not, is there a way to change categories in bulk? I just imported hundreds of recipes and I don't want to have to put each one in the proper category one by one.

It would be nice if import checked for duplicates, but that isn't that big a deal. An export feature would be nice on your some day list. ;-)

Is there a way to group the shopping list by section in the grocery store?

Thanks. Looking good.

Phyllis said...

Applications don't really have to be rushed, you know. It's gonna be tougher if you launch an application on time but it's not stable. I hope there's an available online IT support in case somethings goes wrong. What usually transpires are problems in internet connection. By the way, I love the suggestion of Maggie.