Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Handy CookBook connection help


The web inteface makes use of the WiFi networking capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch to view, edit, insert and backup the recipes with a desktop computer.

All the recipes are stored in the device.

Before you can use the web interface, you will have to connect both your mobile device, and the computer, to the same WiFi network.

You can use the PC with the web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7-8 (with some limitation on the length of text inserted)

It is not required internet access.


From the main screen of the App tap the icon

The App will show a page like this:

Leave this page opened during the connection.

Go to on your PC and open you preferred browser.

Type the link in the browser exactly as you can see in the iPhone page


  • The iPhone and the your computer must share the same access point. They need to be on the same sub-net.
  • Type in the "http://" part of the URL provided for Wi-Fi Connect. Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) may not accept the address with out the "http://". Type also :8080 at the end.
  • Make sure that your phone does not "go to sleep" and disconnect from the network during the connection. If your phone goes to sleep, then the Wi-Fi connection will be lost.

  • Try to disable the firewall on your computer.


quilt and knit said...

Is it an absolute necessity to have the ipod plugged in to get to the website? Mine is on it's way to a repair center for a problem beginning when I tried to get the ipod 3.0 update. If I can get to the website, I can at least type in some recipes while I wait on it's return.

Enrico said...

Max, i bought your application on itunes and i've read a lot of enthusiastic feedbacks but nothing is working on my iphone.

I connected to website following your instructions, i see the website but it is EMPTY, there are no recipies online browsing the links, exactly like there were no recipes on the iphone after the app was installed.

What i'm doing wrong? :(

max said...

the program does not have default recipes inside.
You can insert the recipes by yourself from the iPhone or using the web interface for import the files in the format mxp (MasterCook) or mmf (Meal Master).
You can also type the recipes by hand or using copy and paste.

Sorry if it's not clear that the program don't include default recipes. There is a lot of recipe library in the Apple Store,
I thought to write a database recipe manager for have the personal recipes by hand.
But thanks to the power of the iPhone/iPod touch the app are fast also with a database of more than 25000 recipes.
Search by Google 'MasterCook recipe files' there are a lot of sources.

If you are Italian I have good news for you: ho convertito un database di oltre 25000 nel formato MasterCook e le ho testate sull'applicativo. La sorgente dei dati e' la raccolta di Giorgio Musilli ( se sei interessato posso fornirti i files. Inoltre se non ci sono problemi (se Apple non rifiuta l'applicativo) ho in revisione una versione gratuita ma limitata del programma con incorporate le 25600 ricette in italiano. Il programma free e' limitato ma consente il backup dell'archivio che poi puo' essere ripristinato nella versione full.

max said...

For quilt and knit.
You need to have the device connected because the web interface is a "another way" to use the same program that run in the iPod.
Sorry, you have to wait the return from the repair center of your device.

bookbind said...

Thanks for the app. I use Mastercook, and the recipes imported just fine. What I don't see is if there is a way to transfer imported recipes into the established, dessert.. bread.. without retyping or cut-and-paste?
Thanks for any help!

max said...

For now the recipes are placed in 'imported recipes'.
You can rename the category in the App.
I'm thinking about a way to import the recipes using the original category.

Alberto said...

Ciao! scusami ma non riesco proprio ad accedere all'applicazione... una volta impostato l'indirizzo IP in qualsiasi browser l'applicazione esce dall'iphone e di conseguenza nn visualizzo nessuna pagina nel browser... cosa sbaglio?

max said...

Ciao Alberto, scusa il ritardo della risposta.
Mi puoi dare qualche info: che sistema operativo usi e che browser (internet explorer, firefox)?
Stai provando con la Free o quella a pagamento?

Alberto said...

sto usando la free... i sistemi operativi che ho usato sono XP e MAC OS... i browser: explorer, firefox, iron e safari... ho letto i commenti e nn sono l'unico purtroppo!!! speriamo di risolvere la questione perché mi pare utilissima l'applicazione :D

max said...

Per Alberto vorrei farti altre domande per cercare di riprodurre il problema.

- se ho capito bene l'applicazione si chiude appena inserisci il link nel browser e premi invio?

- qual'e' il link che compare nell'iPhone (qualcosa tipo http://192.168.x.x:8080)?

- usi una rete wifi domestica o aziendale? A volte le reti aziendali hanno dei proxy che possono dare problemi.

- hai inserito foto o note?

Scusa se ti faccio questo interrogatorio ma vorrei trovare la causa del bug.
Se hai ulteriore info da darmi esponile pure.

Alberto said...

si compare l'indirizzo ip che il router assegna l'iphone con finale la porta 8080 appena premo invio sul browser l'applicazione esce dall'iphone dandomi messaggio di impossibilità di visualizzare la pagina nel browser...
Uso una rete domestica con il router della pirelli fornitomi dalla telecom. Foto o note? se intendi nell'applicazione è vergine... compare il totale delle ricette sotto antipasti e cocktail ma se vado dentro la sezione mi dice nessuna ricetta trovata...

max said...

Sembra quasi che il database sia corrotto.
Hai provato ad eliminare l'applicazione ed a tornare ad installarla?

Alberto said...

ahahahahh talvolta la soluzione è talmente ovvia che non c'ero arrivato =)) bastava reinstallare l'applicazione effettivamete ci sarà stato qualcosa di corrotto!! grazie comunque della tua gentile disponibilità!!

Duba said...

Greetings from Croatia! I bought your app today and now I'm filling my iPhone with domestic recipes. Everything is working just fine through the web (Mozilla FF 3.5.2) except one thing - it doesn't fully support CE text encoding. For example, croatian word češnjak (garlic) turns out like this: "პšnjak". And there are plenty of those letters in our recipes :)
I can correct it in iPhone but it's quite pain in the a..
I really like your app and I hope you can do something about that little bug.

max said...

I will look, I hope to found a solution to publishing in the next release.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased the app but I cannot import recipes. I exported recipes from mastercook mac version 4.0 to the "mxp/universal" format using the .mxp extension and the application quits when I attempt an import. The reason I got this app (which seems so promising) is for this feature. What should I do to get this to work??

max said...

Hi, I think is a different format of the mxp file from the windows vesion and the mac version.
Can you open the .mxp file with an text editor, copy a recipe and post me? I will take a look.
Maybe the problem are in the first row of each recipe that in the mac version start with:

{ Exported from MasterCook Mac } or
* Exported from MasterCook Mac*

instead in the windows version

* Exported from MasterCook *

missile said...

Hi. I have thousands of recipies in MasterCook format. How can I import all of these into your app without doing it one by one? Thanks

missile said...

ok. I worked out how to export all my files to a single mxp file so I was able to import them all. I have data in the Notes field and the category field which doesn't seem to import. Is there a way to import these? Thanks

max said...

I'm thinking how to allow to choice the category import modality in the next release of the App. In the actual release the recipes are stored in the category 'Imported recipes'.
For the note field I will try to make some test for understanding how to import in the correct field.
I have found a way to have better result in the search recipes by ingredients, this will be present in the next update.

E.S. said...

I was very excited to find an app like this with a web base to enter and then synch. I entered one of my recipes on the website, but I cannot figure out how to synch it. I don't know what those file extentions are. Is there another way for me to synch the reipes into my Itouch? I have spned some time trying to figure this out, but don't have time to read thru your whole blog for instructions.

Anonymous said...

I was excited to finally come across an app that let's you insert your own recipes (it took me forever to find one!), so I went ahead and installed the Handy Cookbook onto my IPod Touch. To me it's very easy to use and had no problems except for one thing: trying to insert recipes on the computer. For example, earlier, I went to the correct link I was supposed to go to and had no problems with it coming up. Then all of a sudden, the page wasn't displaying at all... and it still isn't. This has happened a couple of times before. It's a little annoying when you get done putting together a recipe, try to submit it, and this happens. I know it's not because of my internet settings or my internet connection (the internet connection is excellent here). I don't know.. I'm still sticking with this app though, but I wish I could get this problem solved.

Bruce said...

I use Living Cookbook and exported both a .mmf and a .mxp file. Handycookbook has no problem importing the .mmf file but nothing happens when I try to import the .mxp file. Any ideas as to what might be happening?

max said...

Hi Bruce, the better way to understand whats happens is to send me a .mxp file , I will try to import in debug mode.

Bruce said...

Is there an email address I should send it to or is there some way to send it via this site?

max said...

Click the 'max' link of the name in my post and after 'Email'

Heidi said...

Server keeps timing out and page will not load when trying to save my recipe on the web-page. Very frustrating and I hope that I don't loose my recipe.

Hans van Leeuwen said...

I think I got an update of this iPhone app and since that update a problem appeared.

Now when i want to enter a new recipy via wifi as soon as the pc connects to the iPhone the app exits.

When i start the app again i can enter the menu via wifi but when the recipy is send to the iPhone the App exits again, the recipy has been submitted to the App so its still workable unless you want to insert a lot of recipies

fyi i am using an iPhone 3GS 16Gb and a Windows PC with Windows 7

Anyone else having this problem?

CasualCook said...

I have my iphone plugged in. I can't get the webpage to stay active. I get getting "internet exploere cannot display page" I have one recipe (.mxp) imported but cannot get any more.

bookbind said...

I had this on my old iphone.. worked ok. But now I have the 3gs, and CANNOT get it to work.

I have the new 1.8 version, but when I open the site the app crashes and I get an error message on the browser:

This webpage is not available.
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

More information on this error
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

thanks, Susan

max said...

Hi, everyone.
Can you send me a copy of the recipe or a file?
I will try to replicate the problem and find the solution to the issue.

Michelle said...

When I click on the icon the screen just goes blank and then it brings me back to the home screen. The app wont even open what do i do about this?

Michelle said...

When I click on the icon the screen just goes blank and then it brings me back to the home screen. The app wont even open what do i do about this?

Tanya said...

I purchased this app over a week ago and have not been successful with acessing the web server after about 50 attempts. I keep getting the same error messages at my home computer and work computer. Please help.

Work Computer:
Hardware - PC
OS - Windows XP Professional 5.1
On a network

Home Computer:
Hardware - PC
OS - Windows Vista

Error Message:
The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

Please try the following:

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

To check your connection settings, click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Connections tab, click Settings. The settings should match those provided by your local area network (LAN) administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).
See if your Internet connection settings are being detected. You can set Microsoft Windows to examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings (if your network administrator has enabled this setting).
Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options.
On the Connections tab, click LAN Settings.
Select Automatically detect settings, and then click OK.
Some sites require 128-bit connection security. Click the Help menu and then click About Internet Explorer to determine what strength security you have installed.
If you are trying to reach a secure site, make sure your Security settings can support it. Click the Tools menu, and then click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, scroll to the Security section and check settings for SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0.
Click the Back button to try another link.

Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer

Michelza said...

Hi I bought the cookbook I can't log into the website at all... tells me doesn't exsit...
I'm afraid I'm not happy at all...No default recipes come with the app that's fine but I do expect to be able to do what it says and contact a site and get into it...I've followed all your steps
Please tell how to rectify this

SHOCK_Jenn said...

I just purchased this app and am having no luck connecting to the site. I keep getting the error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I've turned the firewall off and tried, but still no luck.

Renee said...

I was able to connect today - remember you have to keep your ipod/ipad (which is what I used) on the "web server" page. If you are not on this page (i.e., looking at a recipe) then you'll lose your connection.

I'm very happy with this it's almost exactly what I am looking for. I would love to have some enhancements which would make this even better.
Provide/allow for aisles for shopping - I prefer to have one grocery list and it's nice to be able to group items together.
Landscape mode and/or an iPad version would be awesome and have a better view of the directions. I don't like when instructions wrap - so maybe a smaller font (although I like large fonts) or just be able to enlarge the directions section.

Great app - thank you!!

Leslie (Maya) Watson said...

I have installed the app on my iPhone, made sure both my Vista computer and phone are connected to the same WiFi, turned off my firewall, confirmed on the app that the connection is active, entered the link given into my internet browser, and receive the message that the browser cannot locate or connect to the link. What am I doing wrong? Please help, thanks.

jane said...

Help!I have done everything exactly as instructed, but get nothing when I am on the "Wait the end of the import process." Nothing happens beyond that screen -- no recipes in my Handy CookBook app. What am I doing wrong? I have a sister-in-law with a Mac (I am on a PC laptop) and she gets the exact same results I get. She has no "firewall" set. Please help.

max said...

send me the file I will try to find the issue.

ChiTriGuy67 said...

Max -
I purchased your app a while ago and just started using it. GOOD JOB! It works just as advertised, I have had no problems connecting to it wirelessly or inputting through the interface. I originally thought that it would be easier to have a pick and choose interface for ingredients and/or measurements but that leaves too many openings for errors so your interface I think is more intuitive for an Apple app. That being said, I would like to request a couple additions to the next update. As mentioned before, a landscape mode would be very helpful when inputting on the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. A couple of others I would like is an area to add credit either for a person (maybe linked to contacts) or putting in a website. Also, it would be nice to add a field to link to recipies that complement one another, i.e. eggs benedict could be linked to hollandaise sauce. Just a couple of ides. Now all I have to do is copy over all my mom's recipes...yeowch!

Good job


linillag said...

Hi Max,

Just purchased your app and so far I have been able to get everything to copy over. I am very excited to get this running it looks very promising. Only one problem... I copied over a few of them a couple of times. Is there a way to delete some of these recipes once I have copied them into the database?

kitty said...

Hi, I purchased Handy Cookbook yesterday and I've been trying to access the web server to start adding my recipes but i keep getting a message saying there is a problem loading the page. I've turned off both the windows firewall and my internet security software firewall and it still doesn't connect.
both iphone and laptop are using the same wifi access. iphone is open to the web server page.
Any suggestions?

max said...

Hi, all settings seems to be right.
What is the link show in the App page?
If you use Internet Explorer as browser remember to write te link starting http:// to the begin and :8080 at the end.

jane said...

Kitty -
Carlo had me turn off the option on Handy CookBook for "MasterCook for mac compatibility mode". Even tho, I was using MasterCook. It worked like a charm after that.

kitty said...

OK. I figured it out. My PC is using a wireless network to access the internet that has a 'GUEST' access point of the same network that my iphone uses to access the internet. Both have different IP addresses. As soon as I changed the wireless access on my laptop to the 'GUEST' access I then had the correct IP address to type into the browser on my laptop. Voila. FYI others having problems connecting to the web server: On your iphone go to settings, go to WIFI, note the name of the network your iphone is connected to. NOW, go to your PC network and sharing center and connect your PC to the VERY SAME network. Now the web server address indicated on the Handy Cookbook connection page on your mobile will work on your PC.

kitty said...

OK. I figured it out. My PC is using a wireless network to access the internet that has a 'GUEST' access point of the same network that my iphone uses to access the internet. Both have different IP addresses. As soon as I changed the wireless access on my laptop to the 'GUEST' access I then had the correct IP address to type into the browser on my laptop. Voila. FYI others having problems connecting to the web server: On your iphone go to settings, go to WIFI, note the name of the network your iphone is connected to. NOW, go to your PC network and sharing center and connect your PC to the VERY SAME network. Now the web server address indicated on the Handy Cookbook connection page on your mobile will work on your PC.

j.harraman said...

The web link is different for my iPhone and iPad even though I have both devices set up to the same wireless network. Is there a way to link the two together so I do not have to copy and paste to add the same recipe to the other device?

max said...

I'm looking an easy way to synchronize the recipes between devices.
I'm also planning a new app for the iPad.
Try this workaround: send an email of the the recipe to yourself tapping the mail icon in the recipe page of the App.
Open the mail in the iPad.
Touch the image of the recipe in the email for import in Handy CookBook.

Lynne said...

I just loaded this onto my iPhone 4 and I exported both an .mxp and .mmf file out of MacGourmet and I can't get it to import at all. I can open the web page, I can pick a file and then it does nothing. I keep the import page on my iPhone open and everything. What's wrong? I'm DYING for this feature to work.

max said...

Hi Lynne,
can you send me a recipe file example?
I will try to find the issue.

Dave said...

I have had the cookbook about 3 months now and love it but now that I have exceeded 40,000 recipes I can no longer back up my recipes the program crashes on me. I have tried both safari and IE can you help me?

max said...

Hi Dave,
40,000 recipes is a very big number.
I have tested the app with 25,000 recipes but not with 40,000.
I will try to replicate the problem for find a solution.
In the next release of the App You will make a backup of all data using the new features of IOS4.

Tammy said...

Hi Max

My computer in conneted to a cable/dsl line and I do not have wi-fi available for my computer and/or iphone. Are there any other options?

max said...

Hi Tammy
Unfortunately Apple don't allow the developer to use the USB cable to transfer the data from the PC to the iPhone\iPod\iPad from the Application.
The only way is use the wifi network.
With the new iOS4 we can access to the local data of the application from iTunes but it's not possible to interact with the App.
I working to using another way for import and export recipes using the e-mail but it will be ready in the next release of the App.
I am sorry that you can not use in the best way the App.

The real OC said...

I cannot connect to my computer.
same wifi
correct address
page on phone is "awake"
ive emailed myself a recipe...


whats the deal?

Greg said...

My app keeps crashing when I try to restore my receipes from a backup!
I am having a dinner party tonight and all my recipies I cannot access.
I dont have your email address so that I can send the file for you to look at.

jill said...

I want to have the same recipes on my iphone and on my ipad without having to type them in each devise. Is there a way to do this.

beatnik said...

I have discovered a problem when adding text (either by typing or by copy & paste). When a size number is entered after a quantity, the size number disappears once the recipe has been submitted. For example, if I enter:

1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes

The finished recipe reads:

1 -ounce can diced tomatoes

For now, I'm using a workaround like this:

28-ounce can diced tomatoes (1)

But is unacceptable. Please fix this problem in an upcoming update. Thank you.

moyerd2 said...

I received a new iPod touch. Want to transfer Handy CookBook, and recipes, to new iPod touch.
Do I need to purchase this app again on the new iPod?

max said...

is not necessary to buy the application again.
With the same Apple ID account, you can install the application on all devices you want.

You can transfer the recipes from one device to another with the backup and restore feature.

Backup steps.
When the browser in your PC is connected to the iPhone, go to in the page 'Backup Restore'.
Press the Create a Backup File and wait until the end of the process.
The file will be created in the iPhone.
Click the link e and save the file to your PC.
A this time you have the database of the recipes in your PC.

For Mac users: It's very important to know that if You use Safari it's possible that the browser decompress the file after the download.
In this case try this:
Goto in Safari->Preferences uncheck 'Open "safe" files after download'.
Retry to download the file.

For restore the database in another device.

Open the App in the device and connect it with the web browser.
Please note that the link will change because it's a different device in the same wi fi network.
Goto in the 'Backup Restore' page.
Press the button under the text 'Select a file to submit:' and select the file in you PC.
Press the button 'Submit the file' and after 'Restore From Backup File'.

moyerd2 said...

Thank you, Max, for your quick response to my 'transfer this app to new iPod touch' question / post.
I've updated my recipes on the new iPod...I simply adore this app!

Frances said...

Even when I have my phone plugged into my computer, both on the same wifi network and subnet, something is not working. Whenever I type in the URL that the app gives me, I am taken to a blank screen and my iPhone spontaneously exits from the app and returns to the home screen. I am out of ideas. Any help?

max said...

Hi @Frances,
seems that the application crashes when you connect.
It could be a problem in the database of the App.
If you do not have recipes inserted, try deleting the application and re install it.

coolbana said...

I have used this app in the past, with no trouble. I had it on an old iPod, and on my iPad, and was able to copy all my recipes from my old laptop's MasterCook files. LOVE it. Just got another iPod - a 3rd gen, not 4th gen- but have the latest iOS on it. Every time I go to to the http://192.168.... page, the ipod closes the Handy Cookbook App. Very frustrating. both devices are on the same wiFi connection. I checked the iPad, and it still connects. I even powered the ipad off to see if it was interfering somehow.
Please advice
p.s. Looking forward to the ipad app. Happy to beta it for you.

coolbana said...

AH HA! I read the above solution, delete and reinstall the app, and it works just fine now.
Am LOVING the new feature, install to the original category. Before I imported each cookbook into "Imported Recipes", and renamed it to the cookbook. This is much handier.

Carol said...

I have trouble keeping the app open. I'll have it on the "Handy CookBook Web Server" page while putting in recipes & it frequently closes out. Sometimes it is after I click "Submit", sometimes when I click "OK", & sometimes when I click "return to ___" (whatever category I'm working on). I tried resetting my iPod, but it still does it. HELP!

max said...

Hi Carol,
this issue is very strange, seems to be a bug.
If your OS is Windows, you can try to use mozilla firefox or Chrome as web browser.

Brian said...

I purchased the app yesterday and was looking forward to entering my recipies. However, the IP address on my iPhone will not connect on my PC. I get the usual possible reasons and have checked, re-checked and re-tried many, many times - still will not connect. Also tried using another browser and got the same results.

Brian said...

Forget to add that I even turned off the Firewall and tried - still no connection. Cheers.

Brian said...

Read other comments and saw people had success with removing the app and re-installing it. Tried this and was given a new IP address. Repeated all previous attempts to connect but still didn't work. Help, please!

max said...

I try to help you.
First of all remember to leave the App opened in the "Handy CookBook web server" page during the connection.
Sorry if is a trivial tip but I've experience that it's not clear.
Can you give me some informations?

- The link shown in the page (something like http://192.168.x.x ?)
- PC or Mac
- if you have a PC the OS is Windows XP, Vista or Seven?
- you try the connection in a home or corporate Wi-Fi network?
Some corporate network use a proxy server and can affect the connection.
- What browser/s did you use?

Brian said...

Thanks Max,
-The iPhone was left on and the app open on the Web Server page during all attempted connections.
-Windows XP
-Home WiFi
-IE8 & Safari
Cheers, Brian

Brian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
max said...

the address shown in the link it's strange.
We can try to verify if the PC reaches the iPhone in your wi fi network.
Open the App and go to in the connection page.

After, follow this steps in your PC with Windows XP

- Click Start
- Click Run
- Type cmd follow by ENTER

This will open a MS-DOS shell

in this black window type:


follow by ENTER

see the results of the command

if they are some lines like

Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64

the device is accessible from your PC

if the results of the command are

Request timed out.

the PC don't reach the device.
In this case you can try to forget the Wi Fi network on your iPhone and reconnect.
Pay attention before to press forget, you need to know the key (WEP, WPA) of your Wi Fi network for access.
Another tip is to try to power off the router and after power on.

Brian said...

Thanks Max, I pinged the address and got timed out. A daughter is currently conected via WiFi and there are no communication problems with that connection. Brian

Brian said...

Max, I checked my install records for Wireless Network and it is a WEP connection. Cheers, Brian.

Brian said...

Max, did 'forget' and tried again. Sorry, didn't make any difference. When homework girl gets off the WiFi I'll try to reboot the router. Cheers, Brian.

Brian said...

Max, following on from your comment re the strange link address, the original address prompted by the app was
Neither is similar to the example address on your website. Brian

max said...

can you surf the web with your iPhone using the wi-fi network?

If you can able to surf

- try to power of the iPhone and power on.

- try connecting to another PC

- only for expert users:
Some WiFi-routers, while allowing Internet access to each device, may prevent peer-to-peer communication between connected devices.
The settings in the router can be named like Layer 2 isolation or L2 Isolation.

Brian said...

Max, I turned off data roaming and cannot surf the net. Brian

Brian said...

Hi Max, thank you for all your help. Problem = router. Reset with security changes = now have connection. Now, hopefully, I can enjoy your app for many years to come. Again, thanks. Cheers, Brian.

max said...

Hi Brian,
I am happy that it works and I hope it can be helpful to other people who read these posts.

BK said...

The Web Server address on my iPhone version is not in my subnet, bout it used to work fine. (The iPod version still works fine.) Any suggestions?

max said...

BK are you using the version of the app just released? (2.0)