Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanks for waiting

Handy CookBook 2.0 was released.
Many new features have been made, these are the most important:

- native support for iPad
- updated interface
- books to collect recipes
- export books in pdf file
- multiple backups
- support for iTunes files sharing (see )
- ready for multitask
- retina display support

a new web site

will give you news and tips.

Thankyou for your support.


Homecrew said...

Wow! Awesome Upgrade...Love all the new features.

phuonglam said...

I cannot open my Handy Cookbook app. The screen is just white w/ the "hat" logo. I use this app to cook everyday. Don't know what for dinner is this app is not fixed soon. Please help!!!!


max said...

the first startup may take a while.
Until you see the screen with the white hat, wait and occasionally touch the screen to prevent the device goes in standby mode.

If, however, does not start write me at and tell me which device you have and which version of iOS is installed.

Bridenk said...

I love it. Is there a way to import pictures from old desktop versions of software that are compatible? I really want to make use of the image feature.

Anonymous said...

can you import recipes from web sites like all recipes? Or will you be adding this feature soon?

max said...

@Bridenk I'm looking for a recipe file format compatible with various desktop software that allows to import images.
If I find him I'll be happy to implement it. I will look also files compatible with Living CookBook.

I made some attempts to import recipe from web sites.
I'm experimenting the sites that support the hRecipe format also used by google

see this link

Anonymous said...

Just bought the app. Love the PC interface makes adding recipes a snap! 4 recipes in under 5 minutes.

Adding timers in the future would be great.

C. Marie said...

Hi -- I have made the connection between my iPhone and my computer, since I would like to import my Mastercook recipe, but I no longer see anything on the web page where I can click to import the file -- I only get to the page where I can type in the recipe by hand. How do I import now? Thanks!

max said...

Marie, see the link, in the support page I've posted some instructions

ollie ollie said...

I have same problem C.Marie has. I get the web page with a list of my catagories to click to view my recipes and a link to click to manually add a recipe.
The previous version would let me browse my computer, find the folder where I exported .MXP files from Mastercook to transfer to my iphone. I no longer see that transfer capability with V2.
Do I now have to connect to itunes to transfer .mxp files to Handy Cook Book on my iphone?

max said...

Yes now you have to use iTunes and the USB cable to transfer files.
In this way you can also download the files.

At this link you can find instructions on how to connect with iTunes and the USB cable and also how to transfer the recipe files

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Okay, I can see my Mastercook file listed in the File Sharing section on my iTunes page.

On my iPad2 I can see the app menu, and the recipes I've entered manually, but when I get to the "Import/Export" area, there are no files listed under "File browser".

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



max said...

Hi Perry, the program recognizes files with the extension .mxp and .mx2.
I found a problem in importing the files .mx2, uses .mxp instead, until the next release of the App.

Judy said...

I have my mc2 files on a pc and I sync my iPad to my Mac laptop. When I attempt to add mc2 files to the iPad through iTunes on the PC, I get a message that I can only sync with one computer. How do I get the mc2 files that reside on my PC onto my iPad? Thanks.

Judy said...

Sorry to be so dense, but I cannot figure out how to import any recipes into this app. Thanks for the help.

Judy said...

Cannot connect with web server. The connection times out. Using Firefox and Explorer. Please help.

max said...

have you tried to follow the instructions in this link?

If you still have problems write me to

Judy said...

Max, I did follow those instructions. After entering the ip address, I never saw anything on my screen and got the message the connection timed out. I checked 3 out of 4 of the troubleshooting items. Not sure what it means to have the same subset. I will try again today and contact you if not successful. Thanks.

max said...

To help you I need to know the link shown by the app (something like http:\\192.168.x.x).
Remember to leave the App opened in the page 'Handy CookBook web server' during the connection.

Don Carter said...

I love this app. Wow! Thanks for the latest upgrade. I am building a family cookbook!

Christie Williamson said...

I have the same issue as Judy. I have an .mc2 file extension and cannot find a save as option on MC11 to convert it to the file extension listed on your site. I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to be able to use your app on my iPad, but it doesn't seem to support the older file extension (Originally MC7 I think?)

max said...

I found a problem when you import the files .mx2, uses .mxp instead, until the next release of the App.

If you have already imported files .mx2 try this workaround:

- You must reset the database: in the App go to options (the gear icon) and scroll to the end, press 'Restore empty database'.

- now try use the .mxp format file instead .mx2

To save your recipes with MasterCook mxp format (I have MasterCook 9 I hope is the same for your version), select the recipes you want to save then press the 'File' menu and then 'Export and Mail'

Press the tab 'Folder' and select the folder where save the file.
Check MC 4.0 Format Only (*.MXP) and 'Single file', and then give a name for the file.
Press Export button.

The file can be imported in handy cookbook, follow the steps explained in this link

Christie Williamson said...

*crosses fingers* Looks like it's importing all 2520 recipes I have. *does happy dance*

Mike said...

I really love this app and would like to see an Android App?

In the meantime how can I export recipes in another format rather than .hbk?


Mike said...

How do i export recipes in other than .hbk

max said...

For now I have no plans to bring the app on Android.
The format hbk is used to move the database from an IOS device to another or create a backup of the data.
Unfortunately is not a standard format.
I tried to find some standard formats for exchange the recipes.
There is a great variety, every producer of recipe management programs has made a different one.
(see this link

I'm watching carefully how to evolve the format proposed by Google

Mutt said...

I hope you do eventually come out with an Android app. I love the app on my iPad, but I don't carry my iPad with me all the time. I do, however, carry my Android phone with me when I leave home. There have been many times I get talking with someone about one of my recipes, but I'm unable to share it with them since I don't have my iPad with.

Unknown said...

We want Handy cookbook for Android!!! Please!!!
I only buy iphone because i can't live without Handy Cookbook

Unknown said...

We want Handy cookbook for Android!!!
I just buy Iphone because with Android don't have Handy cookbook yet...
But i don't want to keep using iphone anymore...

max said...

Would be nice to bring the App on Android.
Unfortunately, iPhone OS and Android are really two different worlds.
I should rewrite the App from scratch for run it under Android.
We will see..

Marmalade46 said...

Can't seem to find the 'print' button to print out a recipe. Sorry for being dense, but how do I print? Thanks

max said...

Hi,the next release of the App will support printing with AirPrint.
For now, you can print the recipe using the web interface (PC - device see the link ) and the 'print' menu.

K Reed said...

Hi there-
I am having trouble connecting via my browser. The IP address for my wireless connection reads I am entering, as instructed and my browser gives me a message of: Safari can't open the page because the server where that address is located isn't responding. I double checked the IP address in my settings and it is identical. I am using an iphone 4S with iOS 6.0.1. I have used this successfully in the past but it was maybe a year ago. Now, I have tried for days and can't get it to work. Hoping to have this ready for xmas tomorrow! Any help???? Thanks!

Sinan Kuzu said...

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Toubabou58 said...

I really like tour app. Since I carry my ipod everywhere, I can have access to my recipes at the store, or to show my friends...
I also have an Android tablet and it would be so much easier to cook with it or to edit since it is much bigger !
Please let us know if/when you would release this app for Android and if there is an existing Android app that would work with your file format.
Thanks a lot !

kk said...

I imported my recipes to the file without difficulty, The first few imported into the cookbook, but the rest won't respond.

max said...

Hi Kk, can you write me about this issue at this link ?

Andree Jacques said...

I receive message from apple telling me I won't be able to use my app handy cookbook with the new upgrade of my IOS. For now I have and IPAD air2 and the IOS version is 10.3.2. Where and when I can find an update for my app handy cookbook v.2.6.1 database v1.8. I use everyday that app. Thank for your help

Don Carter said...

Will Handy Cookbook be updated for the IOS 11 update..? I use this app everyday. I would really hate to lose all my recipes (currently over 1600). Let us know if you plan to update. I would gladly pay for new app. Thanks.