Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's cooking?(in the next version)

The development of the App go ahead.
There are many news in the next major version.
The web interface will be enhanced with this features:
- browsing the recipes and the categories
- full editing of the recipe also with the image insertion
- backup and restore of all the database
- print of the recipes

The testing are in course with the localization of the new pages.
After the application will be submitted to the Apple.

Stay Tuned

Lo sviluppo dell'applicazione sta procedendo.
Ci sono molte novità nella prossima versione.
L'interfaccia Web è stata potenziata con queste nuove caratteristiche:
- si possono sfogliare le ricette e le categorie
- possibilità di inserire, modificare le ricette
- è possibile fare il backup e il ripristino del database
- le ricette possono essere stampate

L'applicazione è in fase di ultimazione e di test.
Subito dopo sarà sottoposta alla Apple.

Rimanete sintonizzati

Some features will be subject to change and a Apple approval.
Alcune caratteristiche sono soggette a cambiamenti a alla approvazione di Apple.


Anonymous said...

Max, the latest update is a huge improvement! The ability to edit a recipe and add a photo from my laptop (instead of just from my iPod Touch), is a great time-saver. I love the web interface, especially (and I can't wait to try out the backup feature). My only request would be, again, to have separate fields for prep time and cooking time, which could be in a 00:00:00 format. Great job!

max said...

Hi, I think to add some fields in the next release. I'm also testing a feature to import the mxp files (MasterCook) which are very popular in the web.
Before to try the backup and restore feature, make a iTunes backup. This is valid for all apps and save your contacts, notes etc.

Jessie said...

Max - love the app, but have a question. Can you make user-defined categories? Thank you so much for providing such a great tool for all the chefs out there! :)