Thursday, April 9, 2009

About 1.4.1 version BUG

I'm very sorry, a stupid bug are in the switch of 'use fraction in quantity'.
I will release immediatly a new version without the issue.
The Apple employs about a week to approve and insert the update in the store.
You can insert the recipes that are shown with the decimal but in the next release will be automatically converted to fraction by the program (i.e. 1.5 -> 1 1/2).
Sorry for the issue.


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased Handy Cookbook and love it already. Looking forward to the fraction update, but am wondering if the website importing will become more reliable. I've managed to import two recipes in the last two days -- I'm getting a lot of "cannot display" messages from Internet Explorer (and yes, I've checked to ensure I have the right IP number).

max said...

in the minor upgrade 1.4.2 in review by Apple are fixed the bug of fraction, the web import are the same of the older. I'm working to the next major release for enhance the web interface with a another server engine, I hope are better.
Can you tell me your version of Internet Explorer?
My test are done with IE 7.
Try to use a different browser like Firefox.

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
I've used both the latest IE7 and the latest Apple Safari, with the same results. I finally connected to the form site this afternoon, entered a recipe and hit "submit." It didn't go through, and when I hit the back button, the form site wouldn't come up again, either. Very frustrating. I'm glad you're looking at improving the web interface; I think it's one of the best features of your app. Thanks for replying so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a real problem. While doing other things today, I've tried to submit recipes through your web server with Safari, and after more than seven hours, only one has gone through. I keep hitting the submit button, only to see "Safari cannot connect to the server" over and over again. This needs a fix immediately.

max said...

I have some suggestions:

- (trivial but in some case works) power off the router, wait some second and power on.

- Power off the iPhone and power on.

- try disabling Windows firewall, restarting your computer, and reconnecting

if this don't work you can try to disassociate the network in your iPhone but in this case you need to know the 'key'.
Go to your general iPhone Settings, go to Wi-Fi, tap the blue > next to the known network, tap Forget this Network, and then reconnect to the network

I also don't work and Your PC have a wireless connection you can try to connect the iPhone directly to your PC with a 'ad Hoc connection'.
The direct connection exclude the router from the iPhone to the PC.
What Operative System do You have, vista or XP?
I will try to create ad Hoc connection and next I will post the instruction to do.

Anonymous said...

I have iPod Touch, so I've been trying to bring up the importer site with my notebook computer, which is running Vista. It quickly brings up any other web site (including this one), so I sincerely doubt that the problem is on my end.

max said...

OK, OK, your internet connection is fastest, but the problem are from your iPhone (running the App) to your notebook, this is a local connection.
I tried the App on a iPod touch with a notebook with Vista and it worked.

The problem could be due connection or data of the recipe.
Can you give me a recipe example that don't works?

Another suggestion are to connect directly the iPhone to PC without the router path. This connection are named 'ad hoc'.

If you want to try this are the instruction for create 'ad hoc' connection with Vista.

Open the Start menu, then select Control Panel.
Select Network and Internet.
Select Network and Sharing Center.
Click "Set up a connection or network" from the Tasks toolbar on the left.
Select "Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network."
Click Next.
Click Next.
You can give a network name (this is what you will connect to later on your iPhone).
Set up a password for your network if you wish.
Click Next.
Click Close.

On the iPhone You can select the new network and try to import the recipes.

Anonymous said...

I set up an ad-hoc network between my notebook and my iPod Touch. This did allow me to connect to the cookbook importer. However, to copy-and-paste from another web site, I first have to save that page using my regular network, then switch to the ad-hoc. Five times now, after entering all the information and pressing "submit," the importer still fails to connect and import the recipe. I don't know what else to do! I have been using Handy CookBook for more than a week now, and I have imported a total of 16 recipes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Max, I am so stupid and so sorry. I finally realized that my iPod just be open to your Handy Cookbook importer page when I'm attempting to import recipes! Sometimes, I didn't even have your app running. Now that I have the importer page open, it works perfectly! I'm so happy -- dumb, but happy. Thank you for such a great app, and I can't wait to write a review on iTunes.

max said...

I'm very happy ; ) and .... thank you very much for your fantastic review.
The next release improve the web interface and allow the backup of entire database. I have to debug this news features with many OS and many browsers.
Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Would you please consider another upgrade? On the importer page, a field for cooking time (in addition to the prep time) would be helpful, and maybe a total time field as well. Hours, as well as minutes, for each of the three fields would be perfect (particularly good for slow-cooker recipes).

KimberlyO said...

Hello! I've just purchased this app today (May 8) and I was able to upload a recipe after a short while. Under "All my recipes" it shows that I have one recipe but when I click to display that recipe, nothing shows. I then uploaded a test recipe for a different category and that uploaded just fine. I uploaded the first recipe again and it did upload correctly, but now under "All my recipes" it shows that I have 3 recipes, but I only see the two recipes that uploaded successfully. How can I remove the blank entry? Perhaps delete the application and reinstall it? (But then I suppose I will have to re-upload the recipes again?)

Is there an easy way to remove a blank entry?

This application is exactly what I was looking for. :)

jkbunnell said...

Hi Kimberly,

Perhaps you've discovered this by now, but you can swipe your finger from left to right across any recipe entry to bring up a red "Delete" box. Tap on that box and it's gone.

Michael said...

i just purchased this app, but i don't know the web address for their website to add recipes? help??!!

Carebear said...

I just purchased Handy Cookbook and it sounds like it's going to be great but I can't figure out how to download my recipe folder on my mac computer to the handy cookbook. I click on import but it only gives me the option to click on individual recipes instead of the whole file. Also it tells me I have to change the file to a .m something. Can someone please help me? I would love to have all 300+ of my recipes on my phone. Thats why I bought this app.

Angela said...

I downloaded the handy cookbook app, but can't figure out how to back up my recipes? I typed in the address they said to type in

It doesn't work on either my mac computer or my ipod touch.

Any suggestions? I don't want to put all of my recipes in my ipod just to find out later I can't back them up.


Erin said...

I love the concept of this app, a lot. However I too have only been able to put in 2 recipes. I have gotten Page Unavailable over 20 times. This could be very frustrating when building my catalog.

Erin said...

I love the concept of this app, a lot. However I too have only been able to put in 2 recipes. I have gotten Page Unavailable over 20 times. This could be very frustrating when building my catalog. Am I doing somehting wrong?

shirl_1545 said...

i was wanting to get this app but can i import recipes from pdf files into the app?


DJC said...

I just encountered (and fixed) a problem with importing .mmf files from the Linux krecipes program. krecipes uses "Servings:" instead of "Yield:" for the number of servings written into the .mmf file. Apparently Handy Cookbook needs "Yield:" there.

So I manually changed "Servings:" to "Yield:" and the import works.

Maybe I will report this to the krecipe maintainers.

max said...

Yes, I'm using Yield: but if is a problem I can use also Servings: for me is simple to change the code.

DJC said...

Sure - if you can have it recognize "Servings:" as well, that would be super.

How do I know when there is an update available?

DJC said...

By the way, how does it recognize paragraph breaks in the Preparation section for MealMaster import?

max said...

Can you send me a recipe file sample?
I will try to import in debug mode.

Kattlan said...

Hi. So I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I get to the Handy Cookbook site and click on the IMPORT button. I browse and click on my on my mxp file and have it drop in to the box. I then click on SUBMIT FILE after a brief moment i get a message "Wait the end of the import process. You can see in the iPhone the number of the imported recipes. The recipes will be stored in the category 'Imported recipes'. Press stop to terminate. nothing happens again and no recipes or category import come accross. I am using an ipad. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. I am using Handy Cookbook ver 1.7 with data version 1.5

max said...

I think you have to update to the last version (1.8) and if you use a MasterCook for mac file remember to turn on the switch in the options page of the app.
if you can not do the update, can you tell me from what is your country?
I need to verify if the country is enabled to get the update.
If don't work send me the file I will try to find the issue.

Kattlan said...

Max I upgraded to the latest ver. of handy cookbook. Then I turned off my firewall but I got the same error. Do u have any other ideas? Also is there a way when I do get this to work is there a way to upload all recipes at once?

Kattlan said...

Max I upgraded to the latest ver. of handy cookbook. Then I turned off my firewall but I got the same error. Do u have any other ideas? Also is there a way when I do get this to work is there a way to upload all recipes at once?

kitty said...

Hi, I purchased Handy Cookbook yesterday and I've been trying to access the web server to start adding my recipes but i keep getting a message saying there is a problem loading the page. I've turned off both the windows firewall and my internet security software firewall and i still have the problem. Any suggestions?

Kelly said...

I have been using Handy Cookbook and recently my iTouch crashed. Bought another iTouch and reloaded my all my apps. When I open Handy Cookbook none of my recipes show. When I link to the Web Server, I still show no recipes. Is there a way to retrieve all my previously added recipies? Did I have to have manually backed-up my data before my iTouch crashed or do they automatically store on the webserver somewhere?

Casey said...

I just purchased Handy Cookbook, but cannot import recipes. I connect to the server just fine, and exported a few recipes to .mxp and .mmf from macgourmet, but when trying to select the recipes to import, they appear grey and cannot be highlighted or selected. I am using a mac and iphone 3gs. Anyone else experienced this?

Casey said...
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