Monday, October 26, 2009

How to customize the categories

Press 'Edit' in the top right of the main screen

You can add a new, edit, delete or move the categories


Anna said...

sorry >I need your help. I have the free version and I enjoined it very much so I decided to uy the full version. Now I want to save all the recipes in the free version in the full. Somewhere I have read that it's possible. I tried to create a back up file in the frre version (using my pc) and used this file to restore the full versione, ut it doesn't work (instead, it has cancelled all the categories in the full version. this is not a problem, i can add again categories...ut: can you explain how to transfer recipes form free version to fll version? thanks so much

E.S. said...

Hi Max,
I cannot seem to connect to the server for the website. I entered a recioe and wanted to make some changes, but everytime I try to log on, I get an IE 'cannot be displayed" It seems like this could be a great program if I could get ot it work. Please advise.

Gon Gilbert said...

Is this guy interested in selling the app? I sent him an email because i need to purchase the app and it is not available in Argentinian's store.. he would not even reply the email to me. Are you getting any answer from him?

My email is

max said...

For E.S.: I apologize for the delayed response. On the main page of the blog there is some tips to make a connection from the PC to the iPhone with the web interface.
Have you tryed with a different browser like Mozilla Firefox? Can you describe what happens? The connection is established but the insertion of recipe fails?

For Gilbert I sent a mail with the explanation of the absence of the App in some App Stores.

Bruce said...

I just downloaded the 1.8 version because it said that you could decide what categories recipes would end up in if you imported .mxp or .mmf files. So I deleted all my recipes and then re-imported them but they all ended up in Imported Recipes. None ended up in any of the other categories. Can you explain how this feature is supposed to work? I would love to have that capability. I did check to see that at least one of the categories in Handy Cookbook matched a category tag in the .mmf file.

Keith Gould said...

Hi Max
Is it possible to delete a recipe on the ipod. I have imported some recipes and most of them imported correctly, but some have come in as rubbish. Is there any way to delete them. I know you can delete in the web browser but this is a slow way to do it.

froginbritain said...

A couple of days ago i came across your app and installed it on my ipad.  I was able to connect to my desktop and downloaded a couple of recipes even with pictures. I want to recommend this app to a friend of mine who just got an ipad.  But, today when i tried to connect my ipad to my computer, using google chrome, it did not work when i entered the address http://192......  I recalled that it was best using safari  - that did not work either.  I tried internet explorer and got the following message:
The remote device or resource won't accept the connection
Further information:
The device or resource (192.168..,,,,) is not setup to accept connection on port 8080.

I tried to connect my ipad to my desktop to download using the same address and another app i use regularly ( goodreader)  and it worked perfectly.

What's wrong.  Help!