Friday, January 8, 2010

New ways to choose a category name for your recipes

There is a new combo box selection on the ‘Import’ page. Before you submit an mxp or mmf file, you can select the category destination where the recipes will be stored, or create a new category.

Selection options

a) 'Imported recipes' the recipes will be stored in a category called 'Imported recipes'

b) '‘Original category recipe’ - the recipes will be stored in their original, pre-imported category

c) You can select one of the categories already in Handy Cookbook

Example of a)

The result is:
Example of b) the file content is:

The result is:


MP said...

Sorry but I just downloaded your app. I have Mastcook V9 and the data file is a mc2 extension. The import instructions specify that I upload a mxp file.

What should I do?

max said...

MasterCook 9 can export the recipes in mxp format:
press the menu File - Export and Mail
Select the tab 'Folder' for choose the directory where store the .mxp file
Check the 'Text Options' the option 'MC 4.0 Format Only (*MXP)'

Open master list and select one or more recipes. Drag in the selected recipes in the list named
'Drag and Drop from the MasterList to Add Recipes to the list Below'.

Write in the text field 'Single File:' the name of the .mxp file.

Press export for create the file.

chatnoir said...


Just started using your app and have started importing my recipes.

I noticed a few things that I would like to suggest improvements for.

1. Category > Recipe description
Only lists the preparation time not the cooking time. I would think that both should be visible. Additionally users should be able to search on total cooking time.

2. Ingredients entry
This could be improved with a field to specify simple ingredient preparation notes like "peeled and sliced" or "crushed". That would allow the "Preparation" section of the recipe to concentrate on the actual cooking steps. Most modern cooking books follow this arrangement now.

3. Long term, it would be great (personally) to be able to define the cooking steps as steps that you could scroll through with next/last step buttons on either side. This would make more complicated recipes easy to navigate and reduce the risk of getting lost in a long list of text.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing how the app continues to evolve.

Stephanie said...

Hi, I just started using your app and I love it. There's just a couple things I'd like to make suggestions for.

1. In the browser layout, the "Note" entry field is last but on the iphone layout, it's first. I think the browser layout is correct.. that section should be last.

2. Is there any way to differentiate between ingredients/steps so that it would be easier to read on the iphone. Right now the recipe just looks like it's a bunch of text. Alternating colors or borders for each line would make it easier to read and follow while cooking.

Otherwise, great job.

Ginny said...

I just bought your app and the URL that is given does not work. Did I just waste $1.99? I sincerely hope not.

max said...

Hi Ginny,
look at this link there are some suggestions

Handy CookBook connection help

Laura said...

Question: I like the idea of this app, but I am having a really hard time with the grocery list. Is there any way to organize the grocery list by aisle? I know groceryzen does it, and I thought this app did it, but it doesn't appear that it does. It is really frustrating to have to scroll through the entire list on every aisle to make sure I have everything from that aisle before moving on. I always end up missing something. Are you planning on adding this in the future?

Also, I would LOVE the option of just importing recipes from a .doc or .txt file. That's how ALL of my recipes are organized! Having to cut and paste each one is overwhelming. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Email Me HERE to Reply



Richard said...

Great application, and definitely worth the price. The only suggestion I have is to also be able to export the preparation instructions to the To Do tool. That way, you could just run down the steps and check off each task as you completed it. Handy for things where you are adding a lot of different spices, or doing many steps.

Thanx for making such a handy app.

Diane said...

It took awhile to learn how to import from MC11 (getting the file to .mxp format) then when I did the import to original categories it duplicated the categories already in the app. Now I can't figure out how to dump the app and start over without any pre-determined categories

Don Carter said...

I just found Handy Cookbook. I have been looking for something like this since I got my Ipod Touch. I used PDA Cookbook for years. It works very well and I have imported hundreds of recipes.
One request.....importing of .txt files would make my life much easier. Please give it a look.

freckle said...
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freckle said...

Most of my recipes are longer than the limitation of the length were allowed. Is there anything I can do to add those long recipes in my handy cookbook?

Kiara said...

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