Friday, March 18, 2011

Started the iPad version

I'm rewriting from scratch the application for the iPad.
I have many ideas that I hope to achieve.


Jan said...

Hurray! I searched for this website just to make that request. I love Handy Cookbook on my iPhone ans was hoping for an iPad version soon.

ann said...

Based on that, I guess that it makes sense that when I downloaded the app to my iPad, I had none of my recipes. Are you by chance going to give something that will allow us to transfer our recipes from the iPhone to the iPad so we don't have to fettle everything?

ann said...

I really meant "to retype everything." Not certain what fettle meant with what I was asking ;)

max said...

The new App iPad will contain additional features and I will ensure that it can import recipes from the backup files of 'Handy CookBook' Backup for iPhone.

For now, for the 'Handy CookBook' for iPhone users, you can transfer the recipes from one device to another with the backup and restore feature.

Backup steps.
When the browser in your PC is connected to the iPhone, go to in the page 'Backup Restore'.
Press the Create a Backup File and wait until the end of the process.
The file will be created in the iPhone.
Click the link e and save the file to your PC.
A this time you have the database of the recipes in your PC.

For Mac users: It's very important to know that if You use Safari it's possible that the browser decompress the file after the download.
In this case try this:
Goto in Safari->Preferences uncheck 'Open "safe" files after download'.
Retry to download the file.

For restore the database in another device.

Open the App in the device and connect it with the web browser.
Please note that the link will change because it's a different device in the same wi fi network.
Goto in the 'Backup Restore' page.
Press the button under the text 'Select a file to submit:' and select the file in you PC.
Press the button 'Submit the file' and after 'Restore From Backup File'.

Vicki said...

I have an old version of master cook on my old pc. I am looking for a program to use on my iPad. Master cook has mxp files. Will the IPad version be able to import my old recipes to my IPad?

coolbana said...

Very happy to read this. Looking forward to the iPad app!
I might have to celebrate by upgrading from MC 8 running on old XP laptop to the new Windows 7 version!

Jan said...

Max, I did the backup as you described but now I don't know where to find the file on my iPhone or how to transfer it to my PC. I am feeling real stupid. Help please.

Jan said...

Never mind....just have to read the instructions!

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to an iPad version!!

mark4262 said...

I really love your app. Can't wait for the iPad version! :-)

mike said...

I have tried every recipe program out there and they suck compared to handy cookbook! I will try to be patient and wait for you to finish. Now stop reading comments and get back to work;-)

Stacey said...

Looking forward to the iPad version of this app!

marcia said...

How exciting!!! Any estimated arrival date?

max said...

I'm adding some new features to the iPhone/iPod App that will be present also in the iPad version.
I also have to find a way to easily transfer recipes between iPhone and iPad.

Simon Argent said...

I've been looking for an iPad version - is there a way we could be notified once this is available?

Thank you

Carmine said...

Max, I love your app. I have used it on my ipod for some time now. I was wondering if you will be expanding to other formats like windows phone 7. It is a very versatile OS and there is nothing like Handy Cookbook on it yet.

max said...

Carmine, I'm focused to complete the iPad version of Handy CookBook with new features.
For now, I have not evaluated to bring the App on other platforms such as Android or Windows Phone 7.
In the future do not rule it out.

Bruce's Blog said...

I'm looking forward to the new app. I hope it supports the *.MC2 format (the current Master Cook file format)

The currently support format *.MXP hasent been used in years.

max said...

the MC2 format is a proprietary of MasterCook and do not know the encoding.
I am experiencing the import format mx2 but seems not to store the images.

I'm finishing the latest features of the iPad version.
I rewrote most of the program, these are some of the new features

- universal App. The same app works for the iPhone or iPad (will not have to buy the iPad version !)
- require iOS > 4.0 and support the multitask
- import/export files with iTunes document exchange (upload or download files with USB cable)
- ready for iOS 5

DJ said...

Just downloaded Handy CookBook for the first time & love it. No problems using the app on the phone but when I try to log in to the web server on my laptop to try and add & edit receipes it gives me website not available. Any suggestions to solve this problem? Want to add lots of recipes and typing on the phone is slow going for a rookie iphone user like myself.

max said...

the first suggestion (sorry if is trivial but I realized that it is not clear)
remember to leave the App opened in the 'Handy CookBook web server' page during the connection.

I found a possible connection problem that occurs with some devices.
What is the link shown by the program?

read also a these links

Handy CookBook connection help

The computer can not connect to the iPhone / iPod with Wi Fi

Molly said...

Do you think the ipad version will be available soon?

max said...

the new release will be universal, this meaning that the same App will works with the iPhone/iPod devices and the iPad.
You will not buy it again!
The App is almost completed but there are many new features and I have to test them carefully.
For example, you can export recipes from one device to another using iTunes file sharing feature.
The layout of the recipe will adapt to the screen of the device: a recipe shown in the iPad will be greater than the iPhone.
I need also to translate in different languages the pages and I have to do a comprehensive online help.
I hope to release it before Christmas.

PiFan7 said...


I'm thrilled to read you're getting close to a release date! Do you need beta testers?

max said...

PiFan7, thanks you are very kind, for now I'm testing the on different devices personally.
If I need beta testers, I'll let you know. Thank you very much.

Janet said...

Hello. I stop using the app when i had to switch to "living cookbook" software. Mastercook kept crashing. But now I figured out how to import from "Living Cookbook". My problem I have updated a lot of recipes and I would like to wipe all data out to start over. When I import now it makes double catagories. Any help on how to wipe out and start over. I would even repurchase this app I like it that much but that still won't clear my data on your site. You have help me in the past with importing I am hoping to get help once again. Janet

Janet said...

Hi. Can you tell me how to wipe out all my data and start over. I was using Mastercook 11 but it kept crashing so I stop using your app because I switched to "living cookbook". But i now have figured out a way to import with "living cookbook. But when I import i get duplicate catagories. I would even repurchase this app if that would help but that still will not clear out my data online. my email used to purchase the app was If you could wipe it out on your end that would be great. Thanks. Janet

max said...

to delete everything just remove and reinstall the application.
In order not to pay it back you have to use the right Apple ID.
A tips: in the App Store, if you use the the same Apple ID you used to purchase the App,you do not see the price but only the message 'install'.