Wednesday, March 4, 2009

About 1.4 version coming soon

I'm testing the 1.4 version that introduce new features.
- a customizable grocery list
- the field time of preparation
- the 5 stars like iTunes for vote the recipe
I hope to release from 1 week or 2.


sparky said...

unable to connect thru web browser and app is not allowing quantity less than 1 i.e. 1/2 measurments.

max said...

For import the recipes need a wi-fi local area connection like a PC,
iPhone and a wi-fi router.

Can you give me some information:
what is the link show in iPhone (something like http://192.168.xx.xx:8080) ?

Verify that the IP address shown for the iPhone is the same that you
have in the iPhone configuration.
You can find your IP address going to
Settings > Wi-Fi > 'your network' > DHCP see the IP
Address (something like 192.168.x.x)

Insert http://ipaddress:8080 in your browser witht :8080 at the end.
For example if the address are insert in the web browser

In some rare cases (eg. with windows) is possible that the firewall
or the antivirus lock the 8080 port.
For enable the
fraction input press the button with the gears in the main screen of
the app check the switch 'Use fraction in quantity'.

Roux-B-Doo said...

I love your app. I have a bug and a few suggestions. When I cut and paste a recipe into the upload page, the letters fi and fl come out as code of some sort, I don't know if it is where Apple kerns the letters or not.

Suggestion. Let me e-mail recipes to friends in text format from the recipe page. It would be neat to add the icon for that recipe as well.

How about a site for people to upload and share their recipes. Type in the link URL send a recipe to my iPod Touch from a database of recipes.

Check out my blog. I'd love to hear from you.



max said...

For the first issue can you send me the web link or a text of the recipe?
I will try with safari and also with Firefox.
For the Email suggestion if you refer to iPhone, the current firmware
version of the OS not allow to send a e-mail with an image, and the
agreement from developers to Apple don't permit to use undocumented
In the next release of firmware the 3.0 I think is possible.
For share the recipe I will think.

I have looked your blog, it's great..

Mike said...

Is there a way to back up your cook book

max said...

For now it's the only way to make a backup is with iTunes, see also the link
but i hope in the next major release to insert a backup procedure for save the data on the PC and the restore also with another device.

diane said...

can someone help. i just bought this on iphone and the http address can not be found